My Top 10 Beauty Myths

Read on while I uncover some all-time urban legends of the beauty industry.


Myth #1: Toothpaste and Pimples


Many of us have heard that if toothpaste is applied onto a pimple, overnight the pimple will vanish. This is a huge myth. All the toothpaste will actually do is dry out your skin in that area and ruin your pillowcase. Not to mention, toothpastes contain sodium laurel sulfates (or SLS) that may be safe for your teeth, but definitely not your skin.

Myth #2: Pumping your mascara brush gets out more mascara


You may think you’re using more product but really, you’re pushing more air into the mascara tube. This not only dries out your mascara quicker, but also allows bacteria from the air we breathe into your tube which can cause eye infections. Ew!

Myth #3:  Filing your nails can be done in any direction


Nails filed in more than one direction are more prone to breakage and splitting. Nails should be filed in one direction only as it promotes healthy nail growth with less aggravation to the nail.

Myth #4: Sleeping in hair conditioner will help my split ends


Growing up, this myth was what “that one girl” swore was helping to maintain her long, silky locks. Conditioner is made to be put on the hair, left on for a few minutes while you finish shaving your legs, and rinsed off. Conditioner only provides moisture while the hair is still wet. Once the hair is dry, the conditioner itself will dry out and could cause premature breakage of the hair itself.

Myth #5: If I wax the hair on my body, it will grow back thicker and longer


Waxing involves complete removal of a hair out of it’s follicle. When the follicle is empty it shrinks, making the next hair that grows into its spot thinner. Shaving leaves a sharp edge on the hair and only eliminates the hair at the surface of the skin causing it grow back faster.

Myth #6: You shouldn’t use a face oil on oily skin

f oil.jpg

A face oil could actually balance out the skin’s natural oils to stop your skin from over-producing oil. However, those with oily skin should avoid face oils that contain mineral oil as it can clog your pores in the process. Opt for a face oil that contains natural ingredients instead of one with a bunch of synthetic ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

Myth #7: Make-up causes acne


Although wearing makeup itself does not cause acne, using a dirty, bacteria-filled makeup brushes can. The tools we use to apply our makeup should be cleaned every other day. If you’re someone who regularly sleeps in their makeup: first off, I feel bad for your pillowcases, and secondly, the makeup on your skin that you didn’t wash off is now clogging your pores. So when you wake up and see 3 new pimples, don’t wonder why.

Myth #8: All-natural ingredients are safe for your skin.


Although I prefer natural ingredients over synthetically made ones, they may not always be the way to a healthy skin complexion. Those with skin sensitivities and allergies need to be very careful when using essential oils or other natural products. Do some research before you use that new product to prevent boo-boos.

Myth #9: You should exfoliate your skin daily.


Over-scrubbing your skin can cause redness, irritation, excessive dryness and even long-term skin damage. Oily skins can get away with using a scrub every other day, but drier, aging skins should only exfoliate once a week.

Myth #10: Layering mascara will give you a thicker, voluminous look


If you want thick-looking lashes, you need a volumizing mascara. If your mascara is made to lengthen your lashes, you can add as many layers as you want and it still won’t do the job. To get a fuller effect with your mascara, wiggle your mascara brush back and forth at the base of the lashes before applying them upward toward the ends.

How many of these beauty myths did you believe to be true?

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